Our family owns 5,5 hectares of land which are located in the countryside of Demjén, Egerszalók and Andornaktálya as a part of the Wine Region of Eger.


Grape varietals



Zenit Szőlőhegy, Demjén
Rizlingszilváni Kishatár, Egerszalók
Kékoportó Kovászó/Kishatár, Egerszalók
Zweigelt Varjas dűlő, Demjén
Bíbor kadarka Buktető, Egerszalók
Medina Cserjéslápa, Andornaktálya
Blauburger Varjas dűlő, Demjén
Cabernet Sauvignon Varjas dűlő, Demjén


At cultivation of land we aim to keep the vineyard well cared. We aim to make quality wine thus we reduce the amount of crop in order to pick only 2-3 kgs of grape from each grapevine.

All phitotechnical activities (pruning, tying, bud and sprout selection, harvest) are exclusively made with hand. Land cultivation is made by a service provider.

At cultivation we intend to use as little pesticides as possible in frame of a special environmental normative under the control of EU.

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