Number 65 cellar at Kőlyuk Cellars

The cellar was purchased in 2004. We made several developments ever since out of which the largest was a 10 meter extension in 2009. We store the wines here and we do the aging of certain wines in wooden barrels as well. The capacity of all barrels is 75 hectolitres. Wines are serviced from stainless steel or plastic vessels which have a floating top. The benefit of these vessels is that it minimises the exposure to the surrounding air thus keeping the wine healthier for longer time. We do not prefer serving the wine from wooden barrels. On one hand there is a high risk of wine oxidation since barrels are not always totally full. It may cause deterioration of flavour (even vinegar taste) and odour. On the other hand aging of wine is only complete when it stays a certain period of time in wooden barrels. In our winery the typical aging time is between 6-12 months but longer may occur at certain type of wines. Besides barrels we store wine in plastic vessels. The basic material of these containers is polypropylene. Wine does not have any interaction with it therefore wine deteriorates slower and stays fresh for a longer time.

Number 48 cellar at Kőlyuk Cellars

We acquired the cellar in 2007. We made several developments here as well. We built 3 cement containers for fermentation. The capacity is 220 hectolitres altogether. We do all the procedures of grape procession and we store fresh wine here. All the equipments related grape and wine procession are also stored here:

• Vaslin CEP 250s, sloped plated press
• Schneider high capacity wine pump
• Crusher-destemmer
• Must pump
• 5 and 10 hl capacity fermentation vats
• Storage vessels and containers
• Harvesting crates
• Pipes and other accessories

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