Gönczi Winery is located in Eger, at the cellar No 65 of Kőlyuk cellars. The family enterprise is run by Gábor Gönczi Sr. and Jr. together.

In the possession of our family there are 5,5 hectares of vineyard, which are located at Demjén, Egerszalók and Andornaktálya as a part of the Wine Region of Eger.

The procession of grape and the storage of wine are made in two places such as Kőlyuk No 65 and No 48 cellars.

We cultivate grapes since 1986 while wine making activity began in 2000. After the first few years of smaller volumes we purchased our first wine cellar in the year of 2004. Year by year we processed more and more grapes until we finally made wine from all grapes cultivated in our vineyard.

One of our main objectives is to apply nature friendly methods both in cultivation and wine production. According to this we cultivate our lands in frame of a special environmental normative under the control of EU. We also place great emphasis on making quality wine from quality grapes. It is mainly reached by controlling the amount of crop (70-90 quintal/hectares). Besides we intend to minimize the intervention made throughout the procession of grapes thus preserving all the natural values in the wine as well.

As a farm winery we sell our wine on site. Our goal is to serve customers looking for quality wine at an acceptable price. In the near future we plan to have wines in bottles as well.

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