Wine handling

The biggest enemy of wine is air and oxygen.

Plastic or glass vessels – used to store the wine in – needs to be full all the time. After opening the rest should be put into smaller cans or bottles.

The optimal storing temperature of wine is +10 degrees of Celsius. A cellar or a wine-fridge suits best for it. In any case it is better to put the wine in the refrigerator than stored at room temperature.

Do not expose wine to natural or artificial light .

Do not expose wine to intense smell .

Ten Commandments of Wine

1. Do not drink wine on an empty stomach!
2. Do not eat sweet food before drinking wine.
3. Pay attention to the temperature of different wine types.
4. Consume wine calmly, slowly.
5. Enjoy the taste of wine in small sips.
6. Drink noble wines neat.
7. Never drink too much.
8. Wine tastes better if you eat something with it.
9. Love but be stronger than wine.
10. Be aware that how much hard work has to be done to produce a glass of good Hungarian wine.

Wine tasting

When tasting wine take care of the following instructions:

• Start with white wine than follow with red wine
• Drink dry before sweet wine
• Consume light wine before heavy wine
• Old wines should follow fresh wines.

Every wine tasting takes place according to the ancient Latin formula: first the colour (Color) than the smell (Odor) and finally the flavour (Sapor).

Consume fresh white wines and dessert wines at 8-10 Co, light, medium white and rosé wines at 11 Co and full body white wines 12-13 Co.

Consume light red wines at 12-14 Co, medium red wines at 15-16 Co and full body red wines at 16-18 Co.

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